Friday, August 17, 2018

All-Time Favorite Horse-Related Products

So what can't you live without?  These are the items that you really didn't know you needed but now cannot and will not live without?

1) Tiger's Tongue Horse Sponge
You MUST buy one of these.  What is it?  It's a grooming tool that makes cleaning up a horse so darned easy.  Use this after you ride to get off saddle marks, before you ride to clean off all that dirt.  This will be the best $10 you have ever spent on a horse.  Bar none!

2) The Ultimate Hoof Pick
I would never buy one of these when I could get a hoof pick for $4.  Never again!   This is without a doubt the second best tool I have in the barn behind the Tiger's Tongue. Buy one of these if you don't have one already.

3) Back on Track Wraps
These are the best wraps for Alfie.  No need to poultice his legs, that does not keep his ankles from puffing up but these do.

4) Magic Cushion Hoof Packing
Nothing works on sore feet like this stuff.  Nothing!

5) Alcohol
I use this as a brace in lieu of Sore No More and other products.  It's far cheaper and I spray it on everything - legs, back, hocks, to clean off manure spots.  It's so versatile.  Put it in a spray bottle and quit buying expensive braces.

What's in your tack room?

Horse Barn Organization 101

Storing all the stuff you accumulate when you own horses can be maddening. I don't know where all the things come from but one day you look around and you realize that you have too much stuff and it must be organized!

I pulled some photos of barns that have accomplished the art of organization and neatness, traits that I hope I have in my next life.  Some people are able to think of everything like having a towel barn to hang damp towels in a wash stall.  

To have all this room would be total bliss, and no cobwebs anywhere (a menace in an old bank barn).  I love how the vacuum fits neatly between the two grooming stalls.  This is too neat to belong in my world!

It would be blissful to have a washer and dryer in the barn as well as a large refrigerator but I love the shelves and the organization here. 

Luckily I don't have a bell boot and horse boot fetish but if you have this affliction here is a good way to store them all:

This is a great way to store boots and hats (for people):

I do store my winter blankets this way but for someone reason it does not look like this:

Have I inspired you to organize?

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fun Fall Finds

I am loving some of the clothes I am seeing for fall - practical, easy to wear, vibrant colors, classic styles.  Here are a few picks so far......

I love these suede mules.  They will spice up most anything - jeans, a black dress or pants:


This dark blue dress is very versatile:


I struggle to find these types of bags without paying a fortune.  Adds a bit of punch to a black dress and heels.  Use with jeans and a white cotton blouse when you want to dress down.  Love this and the price.

While this bag is really more summer than winter, it's dark coloring enables you to use it year-round.  Love this one!

Not surprisingly this dress is already sold out in most sizes.  This is a classic!  See it here.

Like everyone else on the planet I have ordered this J Crew dress and love it.  I tried the black one.  Pair with the bag above.  

I'm also in love with this silk dress but hoping it goes on sale.

Love these shoes:

And I love this green mini-satchel. I'd take off the strap:

Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday Loves

So what's on my mind this August Friday........

Retired Race Horses
Horses, of course, but have you ever thought of rehoming a retired race horse?  There are so many wonderful horses out there waiting for a new life, a new career. This is a great source for one, and you can see many that are available like this very well-bred mare.  See her details here.

Towel Love
Love these towels from Pottery Barn. Mix the jacquard ones with the scallop dot for a very expensive look.  Of course, add the monogram.

Elephant Love in Silk
I am loving this elephant dress from J Crew.  

The Perfect Gift to Give
If you need a good gift idea for a recent grad, a birthday, Christmas or a great hostess gift, I love this cosmetic bag.  Also use it to store your needlepoint threads.

Older Horses
In our disposable world there's something to be said for the love of an older horse.  Mine has been having some health issues and like anyone in old age, managing them takes huge amounts of time and care.  But it is so worth it.  Sega has improved, she always seems to bounce back.  It's been a journey the past few weeks for sure. But isn't that what life is all about?  If I could relive one of my weekends with her from the good ole days I would.....

Happy Friday

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Fall Bodes Well for Boden

I'll admit, I don't shop much at Boden.  Their clothes tend to remind me of what I wore when I had to be in an office every day.  But that being said, they have niche - good quality, reasonably prices, versatile pieces that can appeal to various age groups.  I love some of their new fall looks.  Take a peak:

This dress looks like Gucci. 

I love these tweed pants.

I like this dress which is 50/50 cotton and wool.  No poly!

I love the style of this dress. So 60's.

This one is great too!

I also love this skirt/sweater combination!

And this belt seems to appear on everything! Love it!

And I love this coat but I wish it was 100% wool.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Fall Wardroble Staples

Fall is around the corner and it's odd to see the fall coats starting to hit the stores and web sites but Labor Day will be here in a month!  Summer has flown by.  It's time to start thinking about fall and winter clothing buys. I'm trying to buy a lot less this year as I have so many clothes, but here's a list of the "core staples" that every girl should own for fall.

1) At Least One Great Coat
I'll admit I can never have just one.  Coats are my weakness and I use them to spruce up a basic look like here - jeans and plain sweater can be dressed up with this classic coat. 

Or add a punch of color with this hot pink coat.

2) A Good Pair of Loafers
When sandals start staying in the closet it's time to pull out the loafers.  Gucci is my brand of choice, but any brand will do.  No socks please unless it's bitter cold out and then you pull out the booties. 

3) Great Jeans
Styles change for jeans like the seasons, so make sure yours are not too dated.  And make sure they fit.  Good fitting jeans that are in style are a must.  

4) Skinny Black Pants
I wear these as often as jeans in the fall.

5) A Basic Dress - Casual
A good all-around dress (with long sleeves) is a must for fall.  For more casual wear, I love this one from J Crew (and it's on sale now in limited sizes).

7) Classic Dress - More Formal

8) A Scarf 
A scarf is great to layer in the fall.  I love this one!


9) A Sweater
When the weather turns chilly I always have a sweater handy.  Love this one from Ralph.


10) A Fun Necklace
I love this one!  See it here.

 You're all set for Fall!
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