Friday, August 3, 2018

Fall Wardroble Staples

Fall is around the corner and it's odd to see the fall coats starting to hit the stores and web sites but Labor Day will be here in a month!  Summer has flown by.  It's time to start thinking about fall and winter clothing buys. I'm trying to buy a lot less this year as I have so many clothes, but here's a list of the "core staples" that every girl should own for fall.

1) At Least One Great Coat
I'll admit I can never have just one.  Coats are my weakness and I use them to spruce up a basic look like here - jeans and plain sweater can be dressed up with this classic coat. 

Or add a punch of color with this hot pink coat.

2) A Good Pair of Loafers
When sandals start staying in the closet it's time to pull out the loafers.  Gucci is my brand of choice, but any brand will do.  No socks please unless it's bitter cold out and then you pull out the booties. 

3) Great Jeans
Styles change for jeans like the seasons, so make sure yours are not too dated.  And make sure they fit.  Good fitting jeans that are in style are a must.  

4) Skinny Black Pants
I wear these as often as jeans in the fall.

5) A Basic Dress - Casual
A good all-around dress (with long sleeves) is a must for fall.  For more casual wear, I love this one from J Crew (and it's on sale now in limited sizes).

7) Classic Dress - More Formal

8) A Scarf 
A scarf is great to layer in the fall.  I love this one!


9) A Sweater
When the weather turns chilly I always have a sweater handy.  Love this one from Ralph.


10) A Fun Necklace
I love this one!  See it here.

 You're all set for Fall!

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  1. Who makes these loafers? Is it possible for you to add a link?


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