Sunday, March 31, 2019

A Great Etsy Shop - Tally Ho Slipcovers

Love this Etsy shop full of vintage needlepoint, adorable pottery and knick knacks, perfect for gifting. 

Enjoy this last day of March.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Tragedy of Horses Being Big Business

If you follow horse racing then you're familiar with the tragedies at Santa Anita Race Course in California these past few months.  22 horses have broken down on the training track including Battle of Midway, a G1 Stakes winner.  Many have said it was due to the incessant rain seen this year in California.  Others argue that this is nothing new.  There is an interesting article in today's NY Times.  You can read it here.

But I don't see this as strictly a race horse issue.  I see similar behaviour in the horse show world, but not to the extreme that the horses are dying. Like everything else in America these days it's all about the money. Do whatever you can to win.  Wring as much money as you can out of these animals whether it's racing them when they are not sound, or showing them on drugs like Bute illegally hoping you won't get caught.  I know of people who show their horses so much they have to get a new one every year - honestly.  It's so sad.

I see this behaviour in the ponies with the kids but in a different kind of way.  My pony breeder friends say you cannot sell a green (young) pony for any kind of money because the parents want their kids to win now and not wait 3-4 years for the pony to start winning.  It's just so sad to me what America has become - how this mindset hurts our animals. Why can't you enjoy it? Why is it about only winning?  Why do we abuse our four-legged friends for tri-colors and silver trophies and photos for the tack room?  We have created a sick world here in America.  Very sick. 

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Sneak Peak at Vineyard Vines' Derby Collection for 2019

Vineyard Vines has started rolling out their Derby Line and I love what I see so far.  The tie is lovely and reminds me of Hermes' Paddock Scarf (on my wish list if I can ever find one).  It's not too early to think about Derby dressing. 

I love the straw hat and the shep shirt but white is so impractical.  Cute stuff though.......

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Pioneer of the Nile RIP

The untimely death of super stallion and sire of American Pharoah, Pioneer of the Nile, shocked the horse world yesterday.  He was only 13, ironically dying at a young age like Justify's sire, Scat Daddy, who also died of an apparent heart attack at 11. 

My lone trip to Winstar was highlighted by a visit with this incredible horse.  He had the temperament of a pony and we were allowed to feed him peppermints.  He was en route to the vet when he died.  Condolences to the Winstar family.  The devastation of a loss like this cannot be put into words.

Life is just so fragile. Cherish the positive moments.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Vintage Equestrian Linens

There are some great old linen finds right now on Etsy. Some are quite reasonable.  The linen tea towels can be used in the kitchen, make pillows out of them, save them for gifts (your horsey hostess will love these).  They don't make linen like this anymore.  The table cloths can be used on card table sized tables or even as a runner or a table topper.  Be creative!  Love them too.


Zen and Horses

You don't usually think of Zen and horses in the same breath but a few authors obviously have thought about it.   I have not read these yet but will in the near future. 

Have a spiritual Monday!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Sunday Agenda

There's a lot going on this weekend in Virginia and elsewhere.

Here's what's on my radar this almost spring weekend.....

1) Winter Bargains

Spring is peaking it's pretty head out every once and while and then we are reminded that it's not quite here yet.  There is still time to pick up some very good bargains on winter clothing that you can use this year, still (sigh) and certainly for years to come.  I'm a big "off season" shopper who loves a good bargain. Here are a few if you you need to pad your winter closet.....

When you think of Barbour coats come to mind - those fabulous waxed jackets worn by British royalty, riders of all disciplines, and the "country set" - whether they really live in the country or not.  But there's much more to Barbour than just coats.  Have you tried their clothing?  Their sweaters?

In a world where quality seems to be fading fast, you can get really good stuff at Barbour that lasts. You aren't paying for "fast fashion" - these babies will still be in your closet 15 years from now.

This sweater is fabulous. I tried it on and its very heavy but lightweight at the same time and comfortable.  The arms have padded areas (it's hard to explain). I saw it in navy. The sizing is very unusual - so read the reviews before you pull the trigger.  I think I tried a 6 or an 8 and I am usually an XS or 0. Highly recommend this one as a winter wardrobe staple for someone who spends time outside.  Dover Saddlery tried to make a knock-off of this one and it did not work. 

2) Santa Anita Racetrack Deaths
I don't know if you have been reading about the issues at the Santa Anita Racetrack lately. It's a sad state of affairs there, after the deaths of 22 horses over the past few months.  You can read about it here.

3) The Derby Trail
The two undefeated Bob Baffert colts, Game Winner and Improbable, are undefeated no more after both finished second in their races on Saturday at Oaklawn. The Derby trail is muddled more now than ever before.  Stay tuned!  It looks like both may need another race before May.  

4) Vineyard Vines Derby Collection
Speaking of the Derby, Vineyard Vines is slowly releasing their new Derby Collection on their website like this tote bag. I love to see their collection each year.  

5) Alfie's 2019 Debut
My black boy made his horse show debut this weekend after a long hiatus. We had not jumped  a course since October but he did not disappoint. Even with a bit of rust, we pulled three 2nds and Reserve honors.  He's 18, not easy in any way, but still going.  (This is an old photo from our 3' days).  We are tackling the 2'6/2'9 division these days.

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Spring Cleaning

It's time to think about spring cleaning, that dreaded duty that awaits us at the end of winter.
My window washer comes every other year to spend an entire day taking off every screen and hand washing each window. The home seems to come back alive once this is done.

I am tackling the inside room by room this year, with a list to mark off to make me realize that yes, I am making some progress.

Here are some other ideas that may help motivate:

Get to it!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Search for the Perfect Chaise

It's warming up in Virginia and we started pulling out the patio furniture over the weekend.  Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I've always wanted to add a chaise lounger to my patio, to curl up with a great book on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  The Palm Beach vibe is what I am always drawn to but unfortunately the white chippendale look does not vibe with my current furniture. But I love this look from Miles Redd for Ballard Designs.

If minimalist is your design choice then you'll love this one from Serena & Lily:

This teak chaise is a safe choice also from Ballard:

I love this Brown Jordan chaise which you can customize with different finishes.  See it here.

 And I love this Kingsley-Bate teak chaise with the pull outs for your drink. Perfect!

This teak chaise at Pottery Barn is well-priced and you can order the cushion that you want, which is very important. See it here.

Is it summer yet?

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Derby Party Ideas and Decorations

I know it's two months away, but that's not a long time to plan a great party.  One of these days I am going to host a Derby Party or a Belmont Bash - Derby Weekend is a huge horse show weekend for me - but I love to plan "what if?"

I have Derby flag and a Keeneland flag but I'd love to add one of these door hangers to my wreath collection and use it for all of the major races. So adorable.  See it here.

Or you can add it to a wreath like pictured here:

You can also use a larger size which I prefer if hanging alone:

This is another cute idea:

Here is a flag:


These would make cute table decorations or "winner's" gifts.

Use these cute cards for invitations.

Or buy this set of 52.......

Love these napkins!  Your guests will too.

I'd order these to give to each guest as a party favor:

Hand your guests linen cocktail napkins like these:

And I love this tub for your beer and wine:

Use these cute paper plates:

Are you planning your party yet?
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