Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Hunt Scene Glassware

The iconic Imperial Hunt Scene glassware was produced for a short period during the 1920's and 1930's.  It remains highly collectable today and is hard to find.  When I see it I try to add to my collection.  Glass shows are the very best source (and those that specialize in Cambridge Glass, which was located in rural Ohio not far from the West Virginia border).  A shop on Etsy has it from time-to-time.

The bowl below is not Cambridge but the etch was made by Lotus.  I have a set of Morgantown Glass glasses with this etch.  It's not as collectable as Imperial Hunt Scene but it's lovely (and usually less expensive).

These are Imperial Hunt Scene.
The glass was made only in a few colors-clear, peachglow (which is a pinky peach color, more pink than peach), green, light blue (very rare), black (even rarer).  The color will dictate price and if etched in gold, even pricier.


 (Console Bowl)

I have a few pieces that you would not even think about having today - a cigarette box, a console bowl (see above), a handled sandwich tray and finger bowls.  The world was so much  more civilized way back when.  People set tables, dined, had parties, dressed up. That's one thing I love about collecting old glass - envisioning where the pieces have lived, the parties they have been a part of, the homes they have lived in.

Here is a blue piece.  It's quite expensive and the color is much more beautiful than this picture:

Can you imagine putting this finger bowl on a table setting today?  No one would know what to do with it.  In civilized times, people used finger bowl when they dined. Now we use baby wipes.

This is Imperial Hunt Scene in deep blue, a dinner plate.  I have not seen this color used in stemware.  This is very rare and quite stunning.

And here's that Lotus Etch again on a lovely box. This would make the perfect gift for a horse loving friend!


Imperial Hunt Scene is by far my favorite glass.  Lovely is not the word for it.  I enjoy owning it, using it and thinking about where it's been.  Savor the finer things in life.  Relish the past and use it for the future.

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