Monday, August 31, 2020

Bring Out the Fall Door Hangers

It's hard to believe but summer is almost over and now it's time to embrace fall, likely a fall like no other.  Since we are staying home there's no reason not to make your abode worthy of a Martha Stewart photo shoot.  A door hanger is an easy way to make your house festive for the season and you can use it year-after-year.  Love my bunny one (it stayed on the door long after Easter). A fall door hanger can go on the door now until it's time for the Christmas wreath to come out. Here are some great ones.....

Love this fall wreath or door hanger:

Love these pumpkins:

 Or these pumpkins:

And these have to be my favorites.  Love, love, love this one:

The blue ones are also very nice:


Make sure you check the size of these door hangers. Some of these are very tall.  This one is much smaller.  See it here.

How do you pick just one?

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Julia Reed RIP

Stunning news yesterday that Julia Reed had passed away after a long battle with cancer. A sheer talent, a force of nature, an entertainer, writer who rested almost always on her Southern roots. Her many books on entertaining, the South are worth adding to your library if you don't have them.  Her obituary is here.  If you loved her writing, her style, her persona, please read this. It is certainly worth it.  She lived well and even owned a small bookstore in Mississippi.  The world will have one less talented writer in it, one less chronicler of the South.  Rest well my friend. You only live once but if you do it right then once is enough.

Sunday Musings

With September is only a few days away, it's insane how this year has flown by.  While 2020 will be a year that many will love to forget, as we inch closer to 2021, we're all hoping for a return at some point to a more normal existence.  It's going to take longer than we all think.  It may be this time next year or even the fall of 2021 before we're going out, traveling at least inside our borders, entertaining or visiting friends without worry.

In the meantime enjoy this interesting time in our lives, one that will be in the history books for sure.

You can still entertain at home in style with these block print napkins from Etsy.  And they'll make nice holiday gifts for that entertainer friend or one who has a great deck or patio.

Isn't this the cutest needlepoint?  Make it into an ornament, put it on a tote bag.  This would be the perfect trainer gift.

Tomorrow marks the start of the annual D. Porthault sale.  But this year the entire sale is going online.  Even with a sale the prices are high.  Last year I bought one of their cosmetic cases which I use for my needlepoint.

J McLaughlin is offering an extra 40 percent off sale prices but sizes are very limited.  Love this sweater available only in a Large.

Love this bag which is greatly reduced before the extra sale:

Also like this one:

You can shop the J McLaughlin sale here.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Needlepoint Update

Stitching frenzy here in Virginia with the pandemic.  Sheltering in place has its advantages - packing up a box to send to the finisher this weekend.  This canvas has been waiting for new threads for many months and I'll finish this one as a door hanger.  Love this canvas from Pip & Roo.

These two pillows will be finished with dark green mini check and will adorn my upstairs deck chair.  I picked these up from Po's Point a few months ago and have not seen them anywhere else.

And this scissors case was picked up from Ebay earlier in the year. I've always wanted to stitch one of these.

I do not stitch with stitcher bars when I stitch.  When I finish, my canvases are blocked with a hand steamer and I send them off to the finisher.  Select a good needlepoint store to finish your completed items.  Send your leather belts to Chuck Pinnell in Crozet, VA.  The canvases above have not been blocked yet.

So what's new on my radar to stitch (not including what it's my stash)?

Love this canvas by Melissa Shirley but it's quite large so you'll need the right spot for it.  But what an heirloom this would make.....

I only added one ornament to my collection this year so I am anxious to stitch a few more for 2021.  And it's nice to complete a small project while working on larger ones that take months to complete.  Love this ornament from Po's Point:

 I ordered this one from

And I have always wanted to stitch this one and make it into a pillow, finishing it in black gingham check.  See it here.

And I really want to stitch a clutch bag.  There are so many to choose from now, but this is type I want to create with a monogram, likely in green.

Happy stitching and stay safe!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Get Ready for Derby Cocktails

While we won't be going to the traditional Derby parties this year, that does not mean we can't celebrate the Derby this year in style.   It's going to be a good one with a few top horses leading the charge - Tiz the Law, Art Collector and Honor AP.  And the Oaks is going to be fabulous with two very hot fillies meeting for the first time - Swiss Skydiver and the incredible Gamine.

My favorite linen source, Pomegranate, has a great selection of equestrian-themed products ready to go and on sale (30 percent off) so there's still time to plan a stylish Derby.  Love these cocktail napkins.  If nothing else make a few mint juleps, serve your cocktails in great Derby style.  See them here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Wednesday Finds

There is lots to look forward to for the next few weeks. Fall is coming.  Tennis has started up again.  The Derby is in less than the two weeks. And the Oaks.......  But here are a few finds this fine Wednesday morning.....

Love, love, love this stationary (and it is very reasonably priced) and this will make a great holiday gift as well.  

While I am trying not to shop except for super sales, this dress is just so cute for fall.

And I am very tempted to try out this conditioner.  See it here.

Check out this vintage needlepoint for sale on Etsy.

Love this blockprint quilt, also on Etsy.  See it here.

Love these melamine plates.

And are these not the cutest Derby plates ever?  See them here.

And this platter!  See it here.

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