Sunday, August 2, 2020

Perfect Pandemic Purchases

While we've all adjusted to a new lifestyle, at least for now, that includes staying home, social distancing, no travel, and working from home, a few purchases have been made that perhaps we would not have anticipate this time last year.....

What we are not spending money on:
Trips, gas, dining out (we don't even do take-out), house cleaning, horse showing (have not showed since early March), car repairs, riding lessons (not truck, no way to get to the trainer's farm), entertainment other than Netflix.  

1) Backgammon Board
I've taught hubby how to play backgammon, a game I played way back when in my college days. Another one to try (if you have 4 people) is Rook.

2) Lots of Needlepoint
This goes without saying......

3) Good Books
I've been almost too busy to read much, but there is no excuse now not to read.

4) A Comfortable Chair for Reading and Stitching
My one big splurge this summer, for my upstairs deck.  Money well spent.

Some wish list items:

5) A New Blender
Santa are you listening?   With no plans to go out for meals even post-pandemic, this little monster could do some serious damage in my kitchen.  It can do everything but talk back.....

6) Traeger Grill
I don't know if I would use this one in addition to my gas grill we have for our patio but if we continue to cook at home like I envision it might be a good addition.  

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