Friday, August 14, 2020

Creating a Needlepoint Handbag

Consider adding a needlepoint handbag to your stash - I am getting the itch after seeing one that a friend made and fell in love. Like a rug, this is a major investment of time and resources but remember you are creating an heirloom. There are many options to choose from today - clutch, zipper top, tote, satchel, or you can be creative.  I would recommend using Chuck Pinnell in Crozet, VA to finish whatever you choose if you decide to create a bag.  He is expensive but so worth it and he can do just about anything.  This bag below is from his website.  Also pick out a great fabric for the lining and send it with the bag.

Revisit an earlier post on this topic here.  And here are some great ideas from Instagram.

These clutches are an easy way to make a bag quickly.  Love the leather tassel. Annie Fischer makes some really cute ones like the blue one below.

This canvas would make a great clutch and so Gucciesque:

The satchels are my favorite and The Meredith Collection makes most of these patterns.  I am not certain where the French country pattern came from.  I have not been able to find that one.  This is the canvas I am considering:

These are some patterns made by Whimsy and Grace:

This is from NeedlepointInc. in San Francisco:


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  1. The Horse Purse is not Whimsy and Grace but The Meredith Collection - Just so ya know! Meredith Willett Owner of The Meredith Collection


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