Saturday, August 29, 2020

Needlepoint Update

Stitching frenzy here in Virginia with the pandemic.  Sheltering in place has its advantages - packing up a box to send to the finisher this weekend.  This canvas has been waiting for new threads for many months and I'll finish this one as a door hanger.  Love this canvas from Pip & Roo.

These two pillows will be finished with dark green mini check and will adorn my upstairs deck chair.  I picked these up from Po's Point a few months ago and have not seen them anywhere else.

And this scissors case was picked up from Ebay earlier in the year. I've always wanted to stitch one of these.

I do not stitch with stitcher bars when I stitch.  When I finish, my canvases are blocked with a hand steamer and I send them off to the finisher.  Select a good needlepoint store to finish your completed items.  Send your leather belts to Chuck Pinnell in Crozet, VA.  The canvases above have not been blocked yet.

So what's new on my radar to stitch (not including what it's my stash)?

Love this canvas by Melissa Shirley but it's quite large so you'll need the right spot for it.  But what an heirloom this would make.....

I only added one ornament to my collection this year so I am anxious to stitch a few more for 2021.  And it's nice to complete a small project while working on larger ones that take months to complete.  Love this ornament from Po's Point:

 I ordered this one from

And I have always wanted to stitch this one and make it into a pillow, finishing it in black gingham check.  See it here.

And I really want to stitch a clutch bag.  There are so many to choose from now, but this is type I want to create with a monogram, likely in green.

Happy stitching and stay safe!


  1. Ann I just love your needlepoint posts. Have enjoyed your blog for a long time. Could you post about some of your favorite background stitches, your favorite hand steamer and how in the world you find time to stitch all these fabulous canvases along with being a daily horse and barn rider and owner.I for one being a horse owner know how much of a full life that entails. Thank you. Your blog is the best part of my morning. Lyn Hensel in SC

    1. Lawyer Lyn thanks for your kind comments. I am not an expert on background stitching and tend to use basketweave most of the time. There is a book I want that I will blog about - full of stitches. I hope to have that under my tree at Christmas (it is expensive). I will blog about the steamer which I bought on Amazon and it works great! I am a type A. I get up very early. My house could be cleaner, my barn could be neater and my horses don't get ridden as much as I would like but you tend to find time to do the things you want to do. Thanks for being a loyal reader!!!


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