Thursday, August 13, 2020

My Updated Wedding Registry

A few years ago someone asked me what I would register in my gift registry if I was getting married today.  Being a bride and outfitting a home has changed since I went through the ritual but I can lend some advice as I love to cook and my china fetish is well-known.  So here's an update.

As a china lover, I would certainly pick out an everyday china pattern and a formal china pattern.  I still have mine (and a lot more) but I use my china all the time.  My everyday china is no longer made but I still love it.  When I see it every now and then I buy it but I have broken a lot of plates through the years.  It's French, Wildflowers by Louis Lourioux.  The quality is very good and it has a small lime green edge.  One present that I loved and still have is a very fine set of lime green linen place mats with a great ribbon edge with matching napkins. They are a little tired but it just goes to show how well nicely made things hold up. Make sure you pick a pattern that does not chip (Vietri, which I love, chips badly, or it used to) and get something of quality. 

 Also saw this dish made also by Lourioux on Etsy.  Love this and it is quite reasonable.

Fine china is totally a personal preference.  I have sets of Lenox, Wedgewood, Kate Spade, and Herend and I love the Herend the most.  But I have an affinity for French and Italian china and would likely consider Limoges, Haviland, Ginori, Meissen today.  Good china is expensive so get it when you marry.  And get at least setting for twelve it not more.

Tobacco Leaf is the perfect example of a very old pattern that is still quite popular.  Love how they have paired it with a Herend dinner plate and a gold charger.  Mixing and matching is a great option today.

Add a Christmas china to your wish list. This is mine, a Lenox Kate Spade pattern that I bought at a Lenox Factory Outlet for pennies on the dollar. I love this pattern and pair it with red place mats, tartan napkins and use it through the end of January every year.

Add a horse china to your wish list too.  I waited a long time before I got mine but it was worth the wait as I love this pattern from L.V. Harkness, made for them and it's from Portugal and very good quality. I pair it with white plates edged in green that I had from Kate Spade.

When I married we picked out crystal too and I have an entire set of Waterford Limoges. Way back when the quality was very different than it is now.  You can find good old crystal in antique shops, reasonably priced and I see the old Waterford at a store in Charlottesville often.  I like the idea of having a good set of crystal. Wishing that I could set an entire table with my Imperial Hunt Scene crystal.  But I can pull from my collection of crystal from the 1920's and 1930's as well to set a table.

Buy good kitchen dishes and pots and pans.  All Clad is great (and remind me to post about their warehouse sale that comes in December and April) and I have an entire set from the warehouse sale.  Emile Henry dishes and Le Creuset are kitchen staples that will last a lifetime.  Cheap pans will not last.  You can find Le Creuset at TJ Maxx and on sale often at Williams-Sonoma. 

Knives are not sexy but one of the very best gifts hubby ever gave me was a very nice set of kitchen knives.  It wasn't a "fun" gift to receive but wow how do I love a great set of nice knives for cutting. 

And I love having a nice set of flatware.  This set is not perfect for every single day but would be great for a cabin, a lake house, a ski chalet.

Buy or gift good quality home products that will last a lifetime.

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