Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Tuesday Tidbits

Last year when I was in Boston, I fell in love with the Alliums and plan to order bulbs very soon to plant for next summer. I love these blue ones but also like the purple ones. If they can survive in Boston they should be able to live in Virginia. Aren't they lovely?

Are these not the cutest melamine plates ever?  Not sure what color I like the best.  See them here.
My favorite mascara, the only brand I use.

Love this fabric and would it not be great to use to finish a needlepoint pillow?  See it here.

Love these placemats from Amazon.  

Love a Yeti cooler but not the price?  There is an alternative that is as highly rated as Yeti (or even higher) for about 30-40 percent less. Try one of these Rtic coolers. They do not have the marketing budget that Yeti has and are sold mostly online and in some stores. The reviews are fabulous.

Love these customized paper plates.  Perfect for fall. See them here.

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