Saturday, August 15, 2020

Weekend Musings

It's a lazy (well, we don't do lazy here on the farm) rainy day in Virginia today.  My horses are in, the day lilies have been dug up (to be moved and replanted) and my Kroger online grocery order is in!  But what else is going on?

Tennis is coming back.  I have had French Open withdrawal and Wimbledon withdrawal but we won't have US Open withdrawal this year.  The US Open is back in New York later this month without spectators and the Western & Southern Open (usually held in Ohio) has been moved to New York and starts August 22nd.  The Bronx Open starts tomorrow (all on tennis channel) and while we may not see all of the tennis super stars (Federer is out with injury) it's still great to have it back.  Tennis Channel here I come.  And I'll miss shopping at the Ralph Lauren store at Flushing Meadows, this is almost as good for the guys.

While we're on sports, that big race, the Derby, you know that one?  It's coming in two weeks. The front runner has been the front runner for about a year now, with nothing going wrong for Tiz the Law.  It's a great story too - NY bred, same team that owned and raced Funny Cide, a cheap $110K price, a great colt from Constitution a super hot young sire.  There is a movie here if he wins the Triple Crown (and the TC seems to come in threes) and I totally expect him to win.   Hoping they can keep him in bubble wrap until then. My second favorite is Art Collector and both horses are undefeated this year. Stay tuned!

(Blood Horse photo)

You can add this book to your holiday wish list (although it won't be released until early Spring) but I can't wait to read it!  Master lamp maker Christopher Spitzmiller puts his lovely New York farm on full view for the rest of us.

Another book I want to read is this one:

From Amazon:
In the bestselling tradition of the The Eighty-Dollar Champion, the propulsive, inspiring Cinderella story of Stymie, an unwanted Thoroughbred, and Hirsch Jacobs, the once dirt-poor trainer who bought the colt on the cheap and molded him into the most popular horse of his time and the richest racehorse the world had ever seen.

In the wake of World War II, as turmoil and chaos were giving way to a spirit of optimism, Americans were looking for inspiration and role models showing that it was possible to start from the bottom and work your way up to the top-and they found it in Stymie, the failed racehorse plucked from the discard heap by trainer Hirsch Jacobs. Like Stymie, Jacobs was a commoner in "The Sport of Kings," a dirt-poor Brooklyn city slicker who forged an unlikely career as racing's winningest trainer by buying cheap, unsound nags and magically transforming them into winners. The $1,500 pittance Jacobs paid to claim Stymie became history's biggest bargain as the ultimate iron horse went on to run a whopping 131 races and win 25 stakes, becoming the first Thoroughbred ever to earn more than $900,000. The Cinderella champion nicknamed "The People's Horse" captivated the masses with his rousing charge-from-behind stretch runs, his gritty blue-collar work ethic, and his rags-to-riches success story. In a golden age when horse racing rivaled baseball and boxing as America's most popular pastime, he was every bit as inspiring a sports hero as Joe DiMaggio and Joe Louis.

And I love these Spode plates and could easily start collecting these.... 
Anything with an animal on it... See it here.

And my favorite winter skin cream is available at TJ Maxx.  Love it. This is a little heavier so I use it during cold winter months. Stock up!

Enjoy your Saturday!

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