Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Search for the Perfect Raincoat

Country living requires solid rain gear.  Last night is a perfect example - we had an intense rain storm hit the farm (inches of rain) that decided to sit and not move for hours after dark. Horses were out, it was dreadful with flash flooding as a result.  Only a very good raincoat would keep you dry in this kind of rain which is becoming more common these days due to climate change.  Hood, Gore-Tex or similar rainproof material is required, long enough to hit at least my hips.  You can't get what you need with a cheap model folks. Trust me, my $40 Target raincoat does not do the trick even though it looks good.

This Patagonia jacket comes highly rated and comes in many colors:

This Arcteryx Jacket was rated best for wear in a torrential downpour.  I have never been disappointed by anything I have bought from this brand.  It is more expensive but so worth it.  You can find their products on sale but rarely below 40 percent off or you can save by shopping for this brand in Canada, it is cheaper there.  But you will love this.

I love this Anorak from Arcteryx that is versatile enough to wear over all kinds of clothes.  It is expensive however but can be found on sale.  Love this color as well. This has received great reviews and will likely last forever.   This will certainly keep you dry and you could wear this over a warmer coat.  See it here.

If you prefer a more traditional longer model coat but one that keep you dry in a hurricane, then this model will do the trick.  Also by Arcteryx, this one will also hold up for years.  My down coat, in a similar model is my favorite and most functional winter coat. Worth it.

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