Friday, August 7, 2020

Summer Horsey Reads - Bargains From Abe Books

 I'm a big fan of Abe Books and Thrift books, especially now.  You don't have to buy a brand new book (although some of these books are new) and when venturing out even to a library (if yours is even open) may not be a good idea.  Here are a few selections.  And for less than $10, if you don't like it, donate it to your own local library later on.

Synopsis: The real life story of how Sande overcame serious injury and personal tragedy to hand ride and sing his horses to victory and America's coveted Triple Crown. Not just for race track fans. A love story that will touch everyone's heart. 2006 Midwest Book Review--" . . . Excellent life story of one of horse racing's most memorable jockeys." Thoroughbred Times--"hooks reader right way.fantastic ride . . . most colorful racing biography since Seabiscuit." New York Daily News--"Triple Tale a Winner!"

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