Monday, July 22, 2013

Le Fash Show Shirts

One of the newest rages is Le Fash show shirts. While I have to admit that I don't love the name, I do adore the shirts...  Reminds me a bit of riding store meets trendy NY designer.  It works, really well.

What do you think?  Thumbs up or down?

The Horses Are Hitting Manhattan

Thanks to "The Donald" as in "Trump" in late September those who live and work in the Big Apple are in for quite a treat.  Basking in the success of his entry into the world of show jumping last winter in Palm Beach (the inaugural $100,000 Trump Invitational Grand Prix this past January), Trump is putting on an another event, "The $100,000 Trump Invitational," in Central Park on September 26th.

The Grand Prix will be held in the Wollman ice rink, now the Trump Rink and 1000+ general admission seats will be available and 70 VIP tables. The event will be held on a Thursday night.  There is one small glitch; some of the country's top riders won't be in attendance as the New York event is being held the same week as the first Furusiyya Nations Cup final in Spain.

Olympic veteran Steve Stephens will be designing the course in the small space, which should make for a great spectator event.  Mark your calendar!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Baby April Update - Momma April ?

Wanted to give you an update on Baby April.  As you likely know, we have been trying to get her pregnant.  Round two started about 10 days ago so we should know soon if she is in foal.  For no obvious reason, she did not take first time around.  Keeping our fingers crossed though as we won't make a third attempt this year.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pine Cone Hill Outlet

Don't you love a bargain?  Well, I recently discovered the Pine Cone Hill Outlet online.  Wish I lived closer so I could travel there in person but you can return things and prices are great.....

Here's a sampling...this adorable pillow is $19.

 Love these........

This is not my style but can see this in a country cottage or bungalow...

Wish they had this in a queen...

In a little boy's room maybe...

This cotton blanket is so cute....

You can shop 'til you drop right here:

Monday, July 15, 2013

And the Winner is........................

Gaylen Reynolds from Cashiers, NC is the lucky winner of the equestrian needlepoint ornament kindly donated by Po's Point. Gaylen has offered to send in a photo of it once complete!  Cannot wait....

Thought you would also enjoy seeing these ornaments too. Just too cute for words...

Under the Covers

The new mattress arrives later this week and perhaps new sheets are in order too.  I love linens! There's nothing more luxurious than a beautiful bed.

These are fab, but the colors don't work for me.  These are my favorites!

Of course I love these but Visa says no!

These are really cute but maybe too cute?

Too dull?

 These have promise!

And this I adore!
This coverlet may also be paying a visit!

And I came across this Jonathan Adler throw....

And this blanket!

While I did not get the "heavenly bed" that I once slept in at a Westin Hotel, my bed may end up being heavenly after all.  All linens are from Horchow and Isabella.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Needlepoint Handbag Update

A reader recently inquired about the status of my needlepoint handbag.  I just tucked it away as I have been working on two belts - a gift for my trainer and a graduation present for my nephew.  So it has been dormant for a long time.  The ends of the bag are complete but I have a ways to go with the sides.

The horses are all done, just filling in all that background now with wool.  This would be a good project for a long plane ride.  But now that I cannot stitch for a while, I am not sure when this will get finished.  My goal - January 1st.

Here is a photo of a completed bag....

Mine will be done with tan/brown leather, no patent leather.  When I finally get it done it will outlive me!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Le Cheval Shirts are Oooh La La

Frequently, emails appear in my inbox asking HCC to promote this or that and from day one we have chosen not to do that, so if you see something HCC has highlighted, like these shirts from Le Cheval, it's only because we really like them.

You can see more at

 Clothes are so expensive, they should be pretty but also functional, especially riding clothes.  I would wear these outside the barn or show ring.

These belts are also interesting.......

Thank you everyone for your kind emails.  Surgery went well, now just waiting to heal.....

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Needlepoint Giveaway!

Po's Point has graciously given us this adorable needlepoint Christmas ornament which will be won by one lucky person this weekend.  This will be stitched and then must be sent to the finisher to be made into an ornament.  Threads are included but the winner will have to pay for finishing.  These are so lovely when finished and these ornaments can be handed down, they are that special.
Go to my Pinterest page and look under Needlepoint to see photos of other finished ornaments.
To enter:
Send an email to You must include a viable contact phone or email.  Once the winner is drawn, if I cannot get in touch within 24 hours, another winner will be drawn. Entries must include two things: 1) what you plan to stitch once you win and complete the ornament, 2) the content you would like to see on HCC.
Winner's name and location (city, state) will be published, hopefully with a photo of this cute ornament!

Entries must be in by midnight this Friday, EDT.
In my book, all HCC readers are winners!

Monday, July 8, 2013

On the Cuff

I love cuff bracelets.  You can wear them with anything, they don't move around and get in your way (when you ride) and you have so many options...
You can needlepoint your own!

I love this fox!

This is timeless....

And even the Greeks got in on the act!

Enjoy your Monday!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Unexpected Agony

Sometimes life throws us a curveball and I got one major league on the night of July 4th.  This lovely mare kicked me literally to the ground and broke my left arm.  It was not intentional, in the field at night right before a large summer storm.  But nonetheless, the damage was done.  Let's say that I seen this mare up close and personal.

Surgery is this week as they can't set the arm, so we will be offline a bit.  Thank goodness for drugs! But before I succumb to the doctors a great surprise is in store so stay tuned.......
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