Monday, July 15, 2013

Under the Covers

The new mattress arrives later this week and perhaps new sheets are in order too.  I love linens! There's nothing more luxurious than a beautiful bed.

These are fab, but the colors don't work for me.  These are my favorites!

Of course I love these but Visa says no!

These are really cute but maybe too cute?

Too dull?

 These have promise!

And this I adore!
This coverlet may also be paying a visit!

And I came across this Jonathan Adler throw....

And this blanket!

While I did not get the "heavenly bed" that I once slept in at a Westin Hotel, my bed may end up being heavenly after all.  All linens are from Horchow and Isabella.

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  1. I love linens too. You should check out They have lovely stuff.


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