Monday, July 1, 2013

New Needlepoint!

Po's Point was a vendor at a horse show I attended this past weekend so I was able to see in person some of her equestrian-related canvases.  Wish I had tons of free time to stitch!  There were too many cute ones.  I took photos of some of them...

This one is adorable.  Would make a cute pillow for a girl that rides ponies...

This is a glasses case...

I wanted to stitch this but did not have a place for it. This would make a great pillow or I would hang it from a door.

A lady bought this while I was there. This is a picture frame.

This would make a good pillow:

Another pillow...

I bought this one and will put it in my den when I finish it. A pillow....

This is the cutest Christmas ornament.

This would be a pillow or even the top for a stool.

She had several bracelets:

A tote bag:

 Another pony pillow:

A pillow or door hanging:

She had tons of belts. These two were my favorites. I would change the colors on the black and white one to pink, aqua or orange:

Hope this inspires you to stitch and stay tuned. We are going to do another giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love those Thelwell pony books and illustrations.Do you know these? Wonderful pillow designs and I especially like the one you chose.
    xo Nancy

  2. Love the new designs!

  3. These are wonderful! I really would love to try one (I especially like the eyeglass case) but I drive myself bonkers with needlepoint, trying to decide exactly where to put the colors. On the "x"? Next to the "x"? I guess when you do them a lot you get used to it, and know where stitches are "supposed" to go. Add my color-blindness in and the whole thing becomes a bit too much of a challenge. Though I really have always wanted a needlepoint belt!

  4. What great designs, Ann!
    I am particularly fond of the circular design
    with the beagle, fox and oak leaf pattern. Love that.


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