Monday, July 22, 2013

The Horses Are Hitting Manhattan

Thanks to "The Donald" as in "Trump" in late September those who live and work in the Big Apple are in for quite a treat.  Basking in the success of his entry into the world of show jumping last winter in Palm Beach (the inaugural $100,000 Trump Invitational Grand Prix this past January), Trump is putting on an another event, "The $100,000 Trump Invitational," in Central Park on September 26th.

The Grand Prix will be held in the Wollman ice rink, now the Trump Rink and 1000+ general admission seats will be available and 70 VIP tables. The event will be held on a Thursday night.  There is one small glitch; some of the country's top riders won't be in attendance as the New York event is being held the same week as the first Furusiyya Nations Cup final in Spain.

Olympic veteran Steve Stephens will be designing the course in the small space, which should make for a great spectator event.  Mark your calendar!


  1. Hi - I saw a news article regarding this event back in July, however since then I have not been able to find anymore information (besides this blog) regarding it. Do you have any idea if it is still being held? If so, would you know where one can purchase general admission tickets. Thank you for your time!

    1. This event was postponed due to lighting issues, at least that's the story. Hoping to see it in 2014.


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