Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Custom Needlepoint Handbag

I made the trek yesterday to one of my favorite spots, Chuck Pinnell custom leather in Crozet, Virginia.  Chuck is a master craftsman (Martha Stewart is a big fan) and he made riding chaps for Jackie Kennedy, Kelly Klein and others.  I've blogged about Chuck's work before (see an earlier post here).  This trip was made to drop off two belts. What I discovered yesterday was a fabulous custom needlepoint handbag that Chuck showed me.  Pictures don't do this lovely creation justice.  It was beyond beautiful.  

The leather is a bright blue, very substantial with navy trim. This is a small bag, a perfect size to hold a wallet, a phone, a few cosmetics and keys.  The customer had selected a lovely fabric to line the inside of the bag and there is a zipper pocket and the Pinnell logo.  The craftsmanship is superb.

I think you could select a number of canvases to work into a bag like this.  You could also make the bag bigger if you wanted one that you could use every day.  But this bag is indeed an heirloom.

Chuck showed me two other bag styles that you could work into a needlepoint piece:

I'd take the center piece and make a needlepoint insert for each side.  He can also make these bags larger or smaller and the colors of leather he has in his shop - it would amaze you.  Here are some possible ideas for an insert:


The possibilities are endless.

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