Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Januaries

It's that time of the year for sure - the winter doldrums- when winter sets in, it's cold and dark outside, your holiday bills are due, and you've gained an extra love handle or two do to all those martinis and cookies.  It comes every year - the Januaries, followed by the even better Februaries.

What do you do?  If your pocketbook allows, book the next plane to St. Barts or Palm Springs but that's not reality for most of us.  There are things you can do to get you through this, the worst few months of the year....

Start a Home Project
This is a great time of the year to begin a home project.  My living room project a few years ago, kept me going through the winter months.  Because you can't do much outside, it's a great time to repaint walls, furniture, make draperies, or just give your room a top to bottom cleaning.

Start a Book Club or Hit Your Reading List Hard
Curling up with great book and getting through ones you've had on your list is an accomplishment.  There are so many great books on my list that I hope to get through and it's fulfilling to work your way through a list.  This one should be on everyone's list.

Plan a Dinner Party
If you like to entertain, a cozy winter dinner party is a great way to create something to look forward to.  It does not have to be fancy, but use the winter to try out new recipes, new ideas, and experiment with flower arrangements, using place cards, menu boards.

Create a Summer Outfit
If you have a wedding or graduation coming in the warmer months, plan your wardrobe now. I had a lot of fun planning for a September wedding, finding the perfect dress (at a great price), a great pair of shoes and an adorable handbag. I saved a lot of money as I had time to peruse the Internet and find the best deals and I sent a few things back too.

Reorganize Your Closets
I've reorganized my pantry and my laundry room so far.  There's nothing more satisfying than cleaning out rooms, drawers, closets, donating to charity what you are not using or selling your really good clothing on-line - Ebay, Poshmark.  It's amazing how much stuff we accumulate over time.

(House Beautiful)

Use the next two months to get all those projects started that you think about the rest of the year.

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