Monday, January 29, 2018

Ann Taylor Picks

Years ago my entire wardrobe was from Ann Taylor.  While I don't work in an office every day like I used to, every now and then I still love this brand.  A recent trip out of town found me again in the store and their spring clothes are super cute. If you need work clothes, fun dresses and casual wear at a good price point, then you might want to give Ann a try.  Here are some of my picks.....

I didn't try this dress on  but I would have it they had it in my size.  Super cute in the store.  Might be a great dress for Keeneland in the spring.

This sweater is adorable. I love it in navy.

This short jacket is very cute in real life.

This sweater is also cuter in the store than it is on the website.

This lightweight gray sweatshirt is too cute for words.

This Carolina Blue and White top is far prettier in person.  The colors are lovely!

Cute stuff!

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