Thursday, January 18, 2018

Trending Thursday

Thank god it's almost Friday and this deep freeze is going to end, at least temporarily.  It's Thursday and that means it's almost Friday!  So what's going on?  Lots of stuff is going on....

The Sail to Sable Warehouse Sale

There are some incredible bargains right now at the STS Warehouse sale. Clothing is 60 percent off and there are still some great selections like this lovely coat. Use the code Warehouse2018.  Shop the sale here.

Danielle Rollins Clothing Line
I love Danielle Robbins' style and have followed her decorating projects for years.  She has a great clothing line (readvexpensive) but it's fun to see what she comes up with. If nothing else, she's a great inspiration for women entrepreneurers.  See her website here.

Tory Burch Sandals
It's so hard to think about wearing sandals when it's five degrees but I love these sandals from Tory Burch.

The Playoffs
It's playoff weekend in the NFL and if the games this weekend are as good as the ones last Sunday, well, it'll be a treat. You have to pull for Minnesota after they upset New Orleans with that hail Mary play with one second left on the clock. Wow!  That one will go into the record books.  Sunday - stitch and watch football!

The Aussie Open
The first major of the season started this week and there have been so many upsets it's hard to keep track. The US women are not faring well so far, and we all miss Serena Williams but it's a great tournament and I watch every evening after dinner.

Is J Crew Done?
I keep hearing about stores closing everywhere, their web site has slashed prices to the bone.  Layoffs?  What's going on?  It's so sad to watch this brand implode, I was such a fan for so long.  Maybe a reboot?  Let's hope so. There are some great bargains out there still like these Liberty pajamas.

Plaid Top
I love this plaid top and it's been reduced so much, it is worth trying it.  Wear it with black jeans or velvet for the holidays next year.  We all love a bargain!

Palm Beach Vibe
I love the Palm Beach look and at this time of the year it's so refreshing - bright colors, trellis, pink, sandals, green grass and the bright sun!

Have a sunny day whereever you might be!

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