Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Books of Bill Steinkraus

The late Bill Steinkraus was a Renaissance man for sure.  If you aren't familiar with this equestrian enigma, read about him here.  I've never read his books, I'm embarrassed to say. And why hasn't someone written a biography on this incredible man who was one of the best equestrians America has produced?  But did you know he was also a concert violinist?  An editor? A writer?  Whatever he did, he did it extremely well.  With his recent passing at age 92, we've lost much more than a legend.  Hopefully I'll inspire you to read them as well.

He wrote four books:

* Riding and Jumping (1961)
* The U.S. Equestrian Team Book of Riding (1976)
* The Horse in Sport (1987)
* Reflections on Riding and Jumping (1991)

You can find his books on Thriftbooks or Amazon.  The last one is rare. If you see it anywhere, pick it up!  He has inspired me to become a better horseman.  He was so meticulous in everything he did.  RIP Bill.  We'll help keep your legend alive.

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