Thursday, January 11, 2018

Linen Reset

January is a time to refresh, hit the reset button, come clean, organize and set your new priorities. It's been a tough few weeks so far in 2018 - busted pipes inside and out due to the extreme cold; an aging horse that is not doing well; work has become a four-letter word so far this year.  Sometimes you have to try and find the positives when there are so many negatives.  I'm trying to clean the house, organize my closets, get rid of clothes I don't wear and refresh my linens.  I've blogged in recent months about Linen Lament - how difficult it is to find linens that will last without paying a huge fortune.  January is sale time and if you are interested in upgrading and refitting your linen closet, this an ideal time.  And it's so wonderful to fall asleep on soft, crisp linens or to grab a thick lush towel when you step out of the shower.

Here are some ideas if you'd like a Linen Reset in 2018.

I love these towel from Horchow and bought these for the cabin.  Great quality, size, plush, worth the price.  You can monogram them too for a small fee.

Here is another alternative, also on sale, and easily monogrammed.  These come in other color options.  I prefer white towels but they are more difficult to maintain.

I've had my eye on these sheets for months.  

These Kate Spade sheets are not on sale but reasonably priced.

One of my readers swears by these sheets from Belks also on sale:

 These linens from Ballard are also on sale:

And I love these classic scalloped sheets from Matouk, also on sale.

Reset your linen closet in 2018.  Happy Thursday!


  1. It's so hard to find good sheets at a good price. I bought some over the summer which were super cute and a "name" brand, but they fell apart after a few washings. Ugh.

  2. I could not agree with you more! There is no quality left.


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