Saturday, January 6, 2018

What's Your Style?

As we enter a new year, we tend to clean out our closets, adopt a few resolutions, swear to quit spending money and shop less.  You can do all of these things, but it's important to understand your style and if you do, you'll likely do all of the above mentioned things.

As you get older, you start understanding your style, ridding yourself of the latest trend (huge bell sleeves) and you become more content with the style you have adopted and developed.  When I was younger, I was more of a fashionista than I am today.  I dressed, went out a lot, had a job that required me to wear dresses and suits to the office every day.  But now, I am more simplistic.  Less to me is always more if the quality is there.
To understand your style you have to learn what looks good on you and stick with it.  For me, straight dresses work the best.  A-lines, flared, puffy - just say no.  Skinny pants, slim legs - I am not tall.  And I can't wear high heels anymore so I have to stick with flats and kitten heels.  Find brands that fit you well.  Don't even bother with ones that don't.  Alterations are expensive.  Clothes cost a lot already without having to take them in or out.

And take care of yourself.  If you are fifty pounds overweight, you won't look good no matter what you wear.  We all have our own issues - some people gain weight in their legs or their stomach, but if you are fit and trim, it always helps. And look to style icons for ideas.  I love the way C.Z. Guest dressed.  Even when she was much older she always looked great.  She had fabulous style.

And who doesn't adore Grace Kelly?   Her ravishing beauty helped but she always looked pulled together and perfect even into her 50's.

Olivia Palermo is pulled together.  She has great style.

Have a signature look and start with the shoes.  The actress Catherine Deneuve wore a single pair of Roger Vivier low-heeled pumps throughout the 1967 classic movie, Belle de Jour. You don't need a ton of shoes and the good ones are dreadfully expensive (but will last).  In my closet you'll find mostly Belgian Loafers, Gucci Loafers, Dubarry Boots, and Birkenstocks. 

Develop your style by investment shopping, not binge shopping. Less is more and quality is better than quantity.  Save up and buy that Hermes scarf, that Prada handbag that you'll use for the next 20 years.

When in doubt, go to your own style icon and ask, "what would she wear?"  Would C.Z. Guest wear this? I think she would.

Dress for yourself and no one else.  Develop your own style, find the brands you love, wear high quality that will last for generations.

My style:
Understated, preppy, classic, simplistic, bold colors.

My primary brands:
J Crew (jeans, sweaters, dresses, coats)
Belgian Loafers
Gucci (shoes, handbags)
Hermes (scarves, handbags)
Tory Burch (handbags, shoes, clothing)
Lilly (summer dresses and tops)
Diane von Furstenberg (dresses)
Milly (dresses)
Alice + Trixie (tunics and dresses)
Have a stylish weekend!


  1. Classic is the word! I tried some trends in the past: now I look at them and say 'why'?? The latest trend with the flared sleeves is not going to last: imagine how they look when you take off your coat?

    I agree with you on style.. I have some sweaters I bought 30 yrs ago and still wear: they're classic 'ski' style sweaters.. Spent money on them then, but it was worth it... And they're coming in handy for our cold New Hampshire weather we're experiencing.

    There are some brands, which, if they stick to the formula, will never go out of style...Lily is definitely one of them.. Then there are others who decide to add dumb things to their classic styling and make them look ridiculous... I speak of Talbots which has gone off the rails..
    Thank goodness there are still some companies who realize that classic styling NEVER goes out of style!

  2. When I worked in Atlanta, I was lucky to have a window office in a tower that was home to many companies and firms. Every day, I watched a particularly stylish young woman walk through the concourse and into the building. She was always dressed impeccably. After a time I came to realize that she actually had a very small wardrobe. She had classic pieces and a few outfits that were well put together and probably very expensive. She just repeated them, whereas I bought something new every weekend at the mall and threw it out at the end of the season. I’ve never forgotten that lesson. I remember she had Chanel pumps and I asked for some for Christmas that year. LOL.


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