Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Horse Show Memories

I was thinking about some of the many fond memories from my days showing Alfie and Sega all over the place.  Hubby used to say that my horses traveled more than he did and for a few years he was right.  When we aren't showing it's nice to have all those memories tucked away.  Sega is 26 now and Alfie is 19. Alfie is still showing but at a lower level and he still does not look or act his age.  Segais living out her retirement years on the farm. Here are few.......

This is not a real clear photo but this is a clear memory. This was Sega's swan song show. I did not know it then but this was her last show at 3 feet when she was in her real "Sega form." She jumped that weekend so high she could done the A/O division.  No one was going to beat her these two days.  She was never that good again at 3 feet (she showed only in a handful of shows at 3 feet before I dropped her down briefly and then retired her the following year, about 6 or 7 month later).  It was like she said, "I am going out on top."  But that was her, she wanted to win. We showed the next year at a handful of shows and she was not on her game.  It was age and wear and tear.  But this weekend she was a rock star.  

This is Capital Challenge in 2006 at the World Championship Hunter Rider Finals (WCHR) for Adults.  You have to qualify for this class and it's more difficult to get there than the NAL Finals or the WIHS Finals.  We did it three times. This is either the second or the third time.  I was thrilled to be there. The first time we did not place.  There are about 30 horses.  The top 12 come back for a second trip they pin the top 10.  The second year I think we were tenth.  The third time we were fourth.  That fourth place finish was one of my fondest memories with Sega.  She was so on it that day.  It was raining like cats and dogs and you had to school outside.  It was awful.  There was a posted order and we had to go first and you never want to go first.  But we walked in and just nailed it.  My scores were in the mid to high 80's (you get three scores from three judges).  I am sure they would have been higher if we were not first in the order.  But we could not have improved much. My trainer told me not to get excited until we saw the other scores but I knew we were in there.  We came back 5th from the top second round.  We were very good in the second round but Sega nicked one rail ever so slightly and one judge gave us a 79 which really hurt.  The other scores were in the mid to high 80's. We missed be third by less than a point.  I still remember that in the second round the first jump was an oxer coming off a sharp turn from the rail - the courses were very technical but Sega was so good in a ring where you had little room to work. She just knew when it was a big deal and she always tried harder when it was important.  I remember that day so well.  I cried, my trainer cried, we just knew that we really could not have done any better that day.

This is Alfie at Warrenton. I remember this weekend too. He was Alfie.  He is so lovely to look at and jumps so well but he can be a total jerk like he was that weekend.  We would have beautiful trips and coming off the first single jump he would not do his lead change.  His jumps were flawless but that is just Alfie. It took me a long time to learn to live with him but he would either win or lose.  You love him or hate him. But that is just how he is wired.  His photos though are beautiful and he's a sweet guy. He must have had a difficult childhood?  Scarred for life?  LOL. I still cherish the memories though.  Can't change them. Can't change him.  

Enjoy your day. Cherish your  memories in these uncertain times. Hoping to be able to make some of these memories with Madison one day soon!

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