Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Elliott Daingerfield and Westglow

 While in Blowing Rock during our recent trip we stopped by Westglow, the former home of renowned painter Elliott Daingerfield.  Daingerfield (1859-1932) lived in Blowing Rock with his family as a very successful painter from 1886 to the end of his life. Once he made his fortune he built Westglow in 1917 and it is now restored and open as an inn and spa.  They have a lot of weddings here and there is also a restaurant. 

It is an upscale place that looks better in its setting on postcards and in brochures than in real life IMHO.  It is very "done" which is not what I think of when I go to Blowing Rock.  It is very nice though.  Here is a very old photo of Westglow from Tumblr.  Probably right after it was built or certainly 1920's.  The inside of the house is very nice indeed and it is not inexpensive.

Highlights from Daingerfield’s career include a 1902 “commission of the decade” to paint murals for the Church of St. Mary the Virgin in New York and a 1910 commission from the Santa Fe Railroad to create large paintings for display in railway stations designed to encourage people to tour the western United States. His works hang in the Metropolitan Museum, The National Gallery, the Mint Museum of Art and many other public and private collections. The Morris Museum in Augusta, Georgia is home to the largest collection of his works.

Here is a painting by Daingerfeld, supposedly the area around Westglow:

 Here is the lovely view from the porch at Westglow:

I don't know if we will ever stay at Westglow  I wished it sat on 50 acres of land as it's currently just boxed in between a lot of stuff and the house is right on the road. But like most everything in Blowing Rock it's still pretty nice.

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