Monday, October 15, 2012

Black Kitchens

I love a black kitchen.  My kitchen is black and margarita green and I could not be happier with it. Black does not always mean contemporary. In my case, I wanted dark cabinets (don't show dirt) but kept everything "country" enough to give an "old house" feel.  I also love Nate Berkus' kitchen in his NYC apartment (I believe in Architectural Digest):

Having 15 foot ceilings also helps. 

Here are few other kitchens in black.  For some reason people always go just black and white. I prefer a splash of color somewhere.  This one has a nice feel to it.

Adding some yellow gives this punch.

Photos are from Pininterest. 


  1. My grandmothers best friend had a black kitchen, black cabinets with black background with white toile wallpaper.
    Even back when I was little I knew it was gorgeous.

    It was part of the inspiration for adding the toile wallpaper in my kitchen.


  2. Black's a great alternative to the ubiquitous white cabinet/black granite countertop look or brown stained cabinet/beige granite. A family in a historic house in Delaplane also restored their house with a black and yellow kitchen. Ordinarily this combination would remind one of honeybees, but in this case it just looks warm and happy. I think, though, that one has to have a LOT of light, perhaps a southern exposure, to avoid having it look too gloomy. I couldn't get away with it in my present house.

  3. The black kitchen with a touch of color is so stylish! It adds personality to the space.


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