Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ralph Lauren Airstreams

Love these little airstream trailers.  Dream of mine is to take one camping out west.  Not sure why.  But they are so quaint and cute.  Airstreams have been around since the 30's but are getting popular again.

Ralph Lauren bought four from the 60's redecorated them and sold them to raise money for his foundation.  Each had its own theme.  I believe these appeared in Architectural Digest at some point. Photos are from Pininterest.

This is the Nautical one:

This is the Western one:

Don't you love the details?

This is the Adirondeck one:


This is the Utility/Surplus one with an post WW2 influence:

 Love these.  Would it not be fun to use one of these for a trip out west, to the mountains, or just a fall weekend in the country somewhere?  Fall is indeed in the air. It was a beautiful sunny weekend here in Virginia!

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