Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Osczar RIP

One of the horse world's legends passed away last week, the famed show hunter, Osczar.  I interviewed owner Dawn Fogel many years ago and she told me she had been offered a "blank check" for her stunning chestnut gelding, which she gladly turned down. Osczar scored a perfect 100 (a flawless round) one day under the oaks at Upperville I believe.  She would loop the reins and he would soar over the jumps. There are few like him.  Sadly he is gone but he lived out the years with a great owner and he will be romping in the fields of heaven from now own. Best to Dawn and Rick during this very sad time.

(Theresa Ramsay photo)


  1. I use to watch them at Kentucky shows and was always in awe at his stunning form over fences. Fortunately for me they were in the younger ammie division and I was in the older - since they were unbeatable!!!! RIP Osczar!

    1. They were quite the team during their prime! He was one of a kind.


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