Saturday, June 12, 2021

Saturday Musings

This summer is remarkably different from last year where we were all hunkering down and staying in no matter what. While we are still being very cautious (no restaurants for us yet), it is nice that our world in the US at least is returning to a new normal.  People are dressing again (good news) but I still have not bought much (where to go to wear it?).  But I love this Tyler Boe dress.

The stitching craze has certainly slowed down (now maybe some of my stuff will get finished) but my stash continues to explode no matter what. There is a small trunk show going on now at and I picked up one similar to this Melissa Shirley Design. I've had my eye on one of these for a while.  Where to put it? Who cares.  Love this look but mine has a black background and what fun this will be to stitch.


Love these placemats.  Use them all summer long with white dishes.

Love these vintage Hazel Atlas mugs. I've never seen these before in mug style.Very mid-century.

Fantastic Etsy deal on a luggage strap set, perfect for a beach house.

I'm to start a collection of vases to force bulbs in the spring indoors.  Colored glass. Prefer vintage.  Not too expensive.  Check.check.check.

The vintage Lilly skirt fetish has not waned.  Poshmark is the very best source for these vintage finds.  Love this one!

And if you happened to watch the epic match yesterday at Roland Garros where Rafa was beat only for the third time.....well, it was epic.  There are no other words. Of course my power went out so I listened to it on the radio.  The women's final is this morning and the men's final will take place on Sunday.  If you can read this article, in today's New York Times, it's a great read about the history and transformation at Roland Garros, home of the French Open.  I am planning a trip for 2023. It's a bucket list item for sure.

You can purchase Roland Garros items online and they will ship to the US via DHL for a reasonable cost.  Love the 2021 Final Towel. This makes a great great for the tennis player in your life.

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