Thursday, June 24, 2021

It's Wimbledon Time

 After a two-year hiatus, Wimbledon is back.  I can't wait to watch the white tennis outfits play out on dark green, later to be light green and brown grass courts.  Will this be Federer's last hurrah? Quite possibly.  We won't see Nadal or Osaka this year but neither were major contenders for a title here.  Will this be Venus Williams' last visit to the grass courts of London where she's won an amazing six titles?  Could be.

As usual, and like at the US Open, Ralph Lauren dresses the staff (and the fans).  You can buy the clothing at the Wimbledon store now or later on at Ralph Lauren.  This stuff usually sells out.  The quality is good and I wear my menagerie of US Open polo shirts often. Here is a preview of one of the polo shirts.

Love this one too.  It should be available soon.

I think I'll be adding to my US Open collection this summer.  

The fun starts on Monday! 

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