Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Athletic Chic

As a lifelong runner and athlete, I've always been drawn to the "look" - tennis whites, ski chic, running clothes, riding clothes - but when I wear Nike running tights and a pullover, it's usually because I am going running. I am not into the "look" without the sport so to speak. But I know it has become very popular, but it baffles me as most people I know who dress like this are not athletes at all. But in the vein of the French Open (now in progress and there has been some fantastic tennis this week) and Wimbledon in a only a few more weeks, let's relish athletic chic.  And don't just look it, go do it!

There are few brands that I love - Peter Millar, Nike, Tory Burch Sport, Lacoste - and others for certain products like shoes, socks, undergarments.

Love this Peter Millar top.  Golf clothes make great general athletic wear for all kinds of sports like riding, running, rowing, and tennis.

Also love this Peter Millar top at TJ Maxx, a really good deal.

I prefer Nike tights for running but these North Face tights are a super deal.  Perfect for running in spring and fall.

While we are long way from cold weather, I still hoard winter clothes like this turtleneck, which I would live in all winter.

Lacoste is a brand I have worn literally my entire life.  I love their classic French style and the quality of their shirts.

Love the slim fit polo shirts!

Love this look!  So classic.  

Enjoy your day and just go do it!

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  1. I've got a full wardrobe of "athletic chic" clothes. But I am not athletic either. I wear them to the barn, while gardening, or around the house. I don't make it a point to wear them to the office or running errands, but if I end up there I still feel put together. The fabrics are pretty amazing and comfortable.


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