Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lean In?

I'm going to get a bit off topic today. This is not about horses, animals, living in Virginia, having a fantastic living room or anything like that.

I met a wonderful person in a writing class a few years back and she has written some great books (which I have blogged about before).  She's uber-talented and even has a radio show and Podcast. She teamed up with her sisters and created a new book which you can see below. Her sister Liz recently wrote a great article for Fortune which I encourage you to read if you work full-time, are not 24 years old, and well, let's say, try to "lean in" but it doesn't work for you.  Hint, it doesn't work for me either.  See the article here.  You can order the book here.  I encourage you to check out Lian Dolan's books which are so fun to read. 

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