Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanks and Giving

My late father was a great giver.  He raised money for the charities he loved, he had an uncanny way of convincing others to give too, often those that had a lot but did not give a lot.  I hope that he instilled in me and my sisters the gift of giving time and money.  While I don't think a blog is always the appropriate place, because it is Thanksgiving I am asking others to give maybe just a little bit.

A horsey friend (she and I competed our chestnut mares at the same time) has reached out to ask others to give. Only $1170 has been raised in 17 days.  One of the children rides (that is the connection to my friend who is now living in FL).  Surely we can all help here and give even $10 or $20 to this cause. These kids have lost a dad, all of their belongings.  This is the time to give.  You can go to the site here.

Captain Wesley Smith recently died in an extensive house fire that also destroyed most of the family's belongings. His wife, Sharlay, and two children, Ashley and Wesley Jr.,  now need your help & donations. Capt Smith served in the United States Navy for over 26 years and his family served along with him, making numerous sacrifices while he was deployed, and protecting our country and freedom. After years of thier selflessness and sacrifices, they now are in need of your help so that they may rebuild their lives.

First Coast News reported that "Capt. Smith took command of the USS Philippine Sea in October of 2013. In late September of 2014 the first tomahawk missiles in the fight against ISIS were launched from that ship under Smith's command. He was scheduled to turn over command in five weeks and move on to another assignment, but that change of command, Rowan says, came too soon."  Link to news segment...  http://www.firstcoastnews.com/story/news/local/military/2015/10/13/navy-captain-wesley-smith-remembered/73897548/

 Be safe today.  Hug a loved one too!


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