Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gift Ideas for the Horsey Set

It's time to start thinking about gifts. I know, hard to believe but it's here.  I have many "horsey" friends and I struggle to find the right gift for my trainer, my horse show friends, and those that I see a lot but don't spend a lot of times in their homes.  So this year I am looking to Etsy to find some of these items and the choices, are well, unbelieveable.

This might make a good gift. Who can't use one of these and don't we all love something personalized?  See it here.

If your friends show and compete then this is a great way to use all those ribbons that end up lining our tack rooms and gathering dust.  See it here.

This is so cool.  For the horse person who has literally everything.  Love this!  See it here.

Or perhaps a customized grooming tote for horse shows.  Who would not love this?  See it here.

I love this too.  What a great idea.  This is a sign that you would take to horse shows with the owner's name, emergency contact information, etc.  Smart, cute, very practical. See it here.

How about this made to order helmet bag? Love this too! See it here.

Here's another one, personalized.  Love this!  Look at all of those color options...

Hopefully you can use some of these ideas.  I have one gift marked off my list today. Thank you Etsy.  And don't you love helping out the small businesses?  Yes, I do!

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