Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holiday Shopping Sources

Since I am not hosting a huge dinner tomorrow, I am already on to holiday shopping (in my mind at least). So I thought I'd share some of my favorite places to shop. Given my rural location, I use the Internet a lot.  I don't do the Black Friday thing and I despise crowds but I plan to make it out on Saturday to buy my boxwood wreaths and some other holiday stuff.  So here's where I'll be shopping this season.

L.V. Harkness in Lexington, KY is becoming an all-time favorite place.  While I've never been there (but will get there in the spring when I have a meeting in Lexington) I adore this place. I am certain my pocketbook will never recover once I see it in the flesh. China, crystal, linens, monograms, clothing, handbags, jewelry, they have it all.  Shop it here.

Horse Country in Warrenton, VA has been around a long time and my husband used to shop from their catalog every year for Christmas.  It's a great place if you have never been here and it is nirvana for fox hunters.  Their men's selection is very good. They have the best decor items.  They have a rare book collection and a good sampling of equestrian antiques.  It can be expensive but they have price points all over the place.  If you go there, plan to spend a few hours, the place is huge.  They don't have this Internet thing down too well so it's better to go in person but you can shop from the Web.  See it here.

Malvern Saddlery is near Philadelphia and I'll admit I have not been here either but I have shopped here and last year hubby dropped a few boxes from this place.  They have good upscale equestrian brands but their gift collection is very nice. Shop it here.

Caspari in Charlottesville, VA is nirvana for me.  I cannot wait to make my trek there this weekend.  The other store is in Paris.  They have a web site but most of the stuff is not on the Internet.  China, napkins, stationary, paper, jewelry, furniture, gifts for everyone.  I am amazed when I go here.  If in Virginia, please make a stop in downtown Charlottesville.  Shop it here.

The Keeneland Shop is another place that I plan to visit in the spring and they have everything here. Their Internet site is very good and if you can't find it here, well...... Shop it here.

The Tack Room in Camden, SC. is a place I buy many horse show items.  They have good prices, helpful staff and they will ship for free in many cases.  They are having a sale this weekend too. You can shop them here.

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