Friday, November 20, 2015

Equestrian Table Linens

I'm always on the lookout for great table linens with an equestrian theme and am hoping one day I'll fall upon a great vintage set.  Maybe, just maybe.  But until that happens, I look for the new stuff and the selection is improving I'm proud to say. Don't know where to look?  Not to worry, I have you covered......

I like these a lot and there are several ones to pick from. At $120 for a set of six these won't break the bank either.  See them here.

Here are a few more, same brand different logo...

 These fox napkins come in white and also beige, from the same store.

This line is from Pomegranate.  I've blogged about them before.

 The snaffles come in three lively colors. You can also purchase napkins in the Pomegranate line and use them with solid color place mats. They also make aprons and table cloths in the same prints.  They are reasonably priced as well.

I also love these fox placemats.  See them here.
Happy entertaining and TGIF!

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