Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Horse Show Heaven

Our final horse show was this past weekend and overall, it was exhausting but so much fun.  Alfie and I both need a holiday and he's enjoying his turnout with no riding while I muster the energy to return to work.  He was good, not the consistent little mare that Sega always was, but when he was good, he was a star.  We ended up being Reserve Champion and he was second in a huge class on Friday night I used as a warm-up.  Working, riding, keeping a farm going, having a blog, it's been a little too much lately and I'm looking forward to some badly needed downtime here on the farm.  Here are a few photos from the weekend.....

Last year we donated perpetual trophy in honor of Sega (Zelda was her horse show name) and this year Sharon Campbell painted this lovely tray for the lucky grand adult champion. Ironically, a lovely chestnut mare won the prize this year!

Aflie finished up on Sunday with a tri-color. 
 (David Bell photo)

(David Bell photo)

I made some ribbon wreaths which we will sell to benefit our local association.

Alfie spent a lot of time this weekend in the grooming stall.  He does not want to be poked on, rubbed, braided, or clipped again anytime soon.

 He also laid down a lot.

And we were in the ribbons in every class!  

We ended the season on a good note!  We'll be back in 2016, tanned, rested and ready!

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  1. Yay! Congratulations to you and Alfie. He sure is cute. Enjoy your rest and thanks for sharing the show pics!


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