Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So-Southern Saddle Pads and Other Great Stuff

So-Southern is a great find.  I have blogged about them before (here).  I must say that in this world we live in, with the corporate greed and deception that has become commonplace (read VW and GM for starters) it's refreshing to buy "local" and from "small business."  Put them on your list for shopping this season as this is a great source to buy for anyone who rides; trainers, friends, barn owners, etc.  Just loving their stuff and their concept.

Check out their website here.

I love this saddle pad and they use the best brand, Wilkes which lasts forever (ask me how I know!)

This one is cute as well:

You can pick out fabrics for saddle covers or hat covers.  This fox pattern would be great with a monogram for your fox hunting friends.

They also make helmet bags and bonnets (for horses).  Here is the saddle pad they made for me.  I have not used it yet (it's almost too pretty to use) but will put it to use this weekend when I go out to a horse show.  They offer tons of fabrics to choose from.  The foxes above would also look cute done on a saddle pad with a monogram.

 Here is a belt they made for me.  You can pick your fabric.

Please check out this great store. I plan to do a little holiday shopping this season for sure at So-Southern!


  1. Awesome saddle pads, I love the one with the stirrup. These would make great gifts! ~Monica

  2. Cute! Thanks for putting them on my radar!!


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