Monday, September 21, 2015

Aritzia has Arrived

I've been traveling quite a bit (and doing some shopping along the way) and recently discovered the Canadian brand, Aritzia. From the windows you may not want to venture in, but please do.  I was pleasantly surprised at the clothing here.  It's very good quality (but not H & M prices, but can you really have both?).  The pieces are sometimes avant garde a bit but I think there's something here for every age bracket.  The clothes run small enough to fit some of us (a real positive for me).  Here's some things I picked out to love. Here's a link to their web site and if in Soho, stop by. They have 17 stores now.

I am loving these slim black pants.

I picked this up in New York to wear with tights and brown booties.  It is not as short on me as on this model, fyi.


Love this too!

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