Monday, September 28, 2015

Riding Style

There is an easy relaxed quality to what I call "riding style."  You don't have to be a rider, own horses or even know how to ride to master it.  Jackie mastered it beautifully as did many other style icons who happened to be an accomplished equestrian.

Here are some more photos of Jackie in this same style.  It's simple, a well fitting but not too tight pair of jeans, a simple cotton shirt, a tweed jacket for cooler temps and a nice pair of paddock boots.  A J Crew turtleneck is a good stand in once the weather gets cooler.  Today's booties will work just as well as a pair of Ariat boots or Tucci paddock boots.

 CZ Guest also had this style in spades.  Her shirt, what we call a ratcatcher, is still en vogue.

Taylor Swift carries it well too, she's wearing Ralph Lauren pants. Love the way she dresses.

Here's a few pointers....

If you want to buy some incredible boots that you can ride in or just wear, go with Tucci.  I have two pairs and they are like wearing custom made boots. See them here. Ariats are a less expensive alternative but they will not hold up nearly as well as the Italian brand.

Horse Country (not related in any way to this blog) is a great place to shop for country clothes.  If you are small, you'll be out of luck as they don't carry small sizes.  Here's a sampling of what you can find here.
 And you can always go to a classic like these from TB.
Happy Monday!

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  1. I love these images of Jackie! I have the book, Portrait of a Rider by Vicky Moon with all these beautiful photos of Jackie riding from a child to an adult. Absolutely timeless, great post! ~Monica


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