Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Bar Cart is Ready

The new Bar Cart arrived last week and it's ready to go.  I used things I had in the house already with the exception of the tray, which I ordered specifically for the cart and the set of four bowls that I picked up at Target (thank you Nate Berkus for making Target so stylish).  And the decanter I bought in NYC last month. Everything else was here.  A round mirror will go over the cart once painted.

The decanter to the left is from Tiffany. The decanter on the right is made by Heisey and has horses etched on it but you can't see it in this photo.

 The bowls are from Target:

This is an old glass "bulb box" which is from my extensive glass collection.  Made in the 1920's.

 These stirrup cups are rare, I only have three and I have never seen them anywhere when I bought them in WV about 18 months ago.

 The tumblers are Heisey and have horses etched on them but can't see the details.  They were made in Ohio in the 30's or 40's. The blue goblets are a similar vintage, made in either PA or WV (I can't remember).

The living room is almost finished. Still holding out on the ceiling light fixture and waiting on some furniture to be recovered and the mirror needs to be painted. Never enough time!  Happy Tuesday. Noah needs to bring his ark in today - it's raining like cats and dogs!

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