Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thelwell Pony Love

If you grew up loving the rotund ponies in Thelwell cartoons then you'll love this exhibit going on right now in the UK.  You can read about it here.

 In my youth, Thelwell was all the rage and you can still find remnants of this past on Etsy, Ebay and in antique stores.  Love it?  Look at this.....

You can find this on Etsy, very reasonably priced too.  See it here.

Love this bowl. See it here.

You can buy the books new on Amazon too.  See them here.

There is tons of stuff on Ebay (mostly prints) but I love this!  See it here.

This one is also adorable.  Love this stuff.  Find this one here.

It's so much fun to revisit our youth, isn't it?  Have a great day.  We are hunkering down for the snow dump coming tomorrow!


  1. I ADORE Thelwell! I have a boxed set of paperbacks that I wore nearly to tatters as a child. Need to get it out again. :)

  2. I too still have my Thelwell paperbacks and also some large colour cartoons carefully saved from the back of pony magazines - thinking about getting those framed. Great post!


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