Thursday, January 7, 2016

Prep is Not Dead

Prep is not dead.  At least when it comes to needlepoint.  I love this Christmas ornament (which is really the mascot of Sweet Briar College) but you don't need to be an alum to love this.  The only place to get this is from Adornment Needlepoint in Winston-Salem, NC.  Thinking I might need one of these for my tree next year!

Are you old enough to remember when we wore gold belt buckles with changeable strips? Yes, I am.  Now they are back but with these adorable needlepoint belts strips.  The bottom one is my favorite, so Pucci.

And of course, the needlepoint cumberbum.  How many of these did you see many moons ago?  They are back!

Most of this stuff is from Kate Dickerson (the designer) and can be purchased or ordered at most needlepoint shops.  Stitch til you drop!

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