Friday, January 22, 2016

Needlepoint Luggage Straps

It's the small touches that make a room, like having nice luggage racks in a guest room.  And having needlepoint straps makes it that much nicer.  Like this one?  On Ebay, it is insanely inexpensive. If you need one of these I'd snatch this up in a heartbeat.


When I updated my guest bedroom last year I bought two luggage racks and searched for needlepoint straps but could not find any that I loved for the room.  There are plenty out there but none really fit the room.

Here are some more:

So I bought some 18" canvas and this weekend I plan to start working on the ones I am making custom for my room.  Will create a matching pair with monograms. White background, aqua and possibly green to go in the room.  It is so easy to do your own. Strips should be 2 1/2 inches wide (you'll need three for each rack) and 20" long each.  Get working!

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  1. I SO agree about luggage racks! I have one friend whom I've stayed with about four times, and I really love her, but her guest room drives me nuts. Not only is there nowhere to put your suitcase, there's no nightstand, either - so no place for your glass of water, your glasses, your cell phone, your medicine, etc., except for the floor. Almost worst of all there is no reading lamp. Reading in bed necessitates getting out of it to turn off the lamp on the dresser or the glaring overhead light. Last time I was there I dragged a Rubbermaid out of the closet and set it on end to make a nightstand, I was so desperate, but the suitcase still sat on the floor... argh. My staying-at-friends experiences have definitely trained me to offer all the things I miss to MY guests, that's for sure!


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