Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jolly January

Some people get the "January Blues" when winter finally sets in (unless you live in the Southwestern US, since you had winter already) but I have learned to cherish the month as a time of "down time" to do things I typically don't have time to do once I get over feeding horses and mucking stalls in 14 degree weather.  Like what you might be asking?  Well.......

1) Go to the Movies
The Big Short is on my list for later this week and then I have an entire list of about 15 movies to see. I never have time to go to the movies but this year I want to see as many Oscar contenders as possible.

2) Clean My House
Spring cleaning?  Not here.  Winter is more like it.  By the time the birds are singing outside I am ready to join them.

3) Needlepoint
That West Point belt may finally be finished by month's end.  I want to tackle the powder room rug that has been sitting in my closet for four years too! I have been wanting to stitch this for my living room.

4) Dinner Parties
There's nothing more fun to me than planning and giving a great dinner party with the right mix of guests, a gorgeous table, linens, crystal, silver flatware and great food.

5) Watch Downton Abbey Reruns
Reruns as well as the new season which started Sunday.  I am so sad it is all ending but then I am on to House of Cards.  A friend is lending me the entire series.

6) The Playoffs
My team is well positioned this year.  Need I say more?

 7) The Australian Open 
Tennis returns with a vengance this month and the Open and all of the warm-ups are so much fun to watch.  Cannot wait!!!

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