Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Resolutions

2016 will be a year of many changes.  I am hoping that I can adopt some of these resolutions this year and ingrain them into my busy life. We'll see......

1) Learn More
Starting this week, I am devoting one evening a week to taking an on-line class.  There are so many options out there, mostly free of charge, that enable you to broaden your horizons with some great minds. Here's one for you to start with.... No excuses not to learn anymore.  None.

2) Read More Books
I used to be a voracious reader but have gotten out of the habit and now don't read that much. Turn off your television, get off your cell phone and computer and read a great book.  Here are a few that I plan to tackle this year.

3) Yoga
Farm chores have taken a toll on me and I am struggling with some new issues that have kept me from my regular runs for many months.  I am hoping that some yoga lessons will help me and enable me to get back some of my old favorites like running and swimming.

4) Learn Dressage
Baby April (if we can keep her sound) will be enlisted in a new program starting this month (that is the plan anyway).  She will be put in front of two very knowledgeable trainers for evaluation first and then lessons. Who knows, maybe we'll be turning in our jumping saddle for a dressage saddle by midyear.

5) Travel More Often
We have a great trip to Lake Louise and Banff planned for 2016 but I also hope to spend more time at the family beach cottage and also in the mountains of North Carolina.

6) Eat Better
Like many Americans I have terrible eating habits but my goal this year is to get off processed food.  

7) Spend More Quality Time with My Horses and Get Lola Started
2015 was an "out of control" year in many ways.  Too busy, too fast, too focused, too everything.  Slow it down this year!  Enjoy the moments, spend more time just listening and observing.  Lola will start her horse show career this year, hopefully!
So what did we accomplish in 2015?  Well, let's see.......

1) Alfie won his first year-end title and he'll collect his trophies next week. We finally did it!

2) We ended the broken arm saga, three surgeries and many months of physical therapy.

3) Completed the living room renovation.

4) Completed the cabin decorating.

5) Traveled A lot!
We made two trips to Boston, one trip to Beaufort, one trip to Florida, one trip to NYC, two trips to Pittsburgh and two to Blowing Rock.  That's a lot for us in one year.  We likely won't travel that much this year but it was fun!


  1. Yoga and dressage are great, hope you enjoy!
    Did I miss a post on decorating the cabin?

  2. Online courses are such a good idea! I think I might steal that one :D

  3. Great 2016 Resolutions. Sounds like you are interesting in bettering yourself, and that is always a good thing! Eating better, Yoga, and reading are on my list as well. Have you tried an at home Yoga? My wife and I do not have time to get to the gym with the 4 kids we have, so we are doing Yoga 3x a week as a family. It has been great. Best of luck with your list. Happy New Year.


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