Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall 2014 Style - Some Basic Rules

Rain arrived last night (first real soaker we've had since late June), Fall is definitely here and it's time to put the cotton shirts away and pull out the fall wardrobe.  Like most women, I love clothes but I find myself adopting the style I have always loved more and more.  Not much trend in my wardrobe (other than the new booties) but like a good wine, sometimes you age well and style well, never fades.  Now, some of this "style" is wishful thinking, but here's what I would love to wear every day this fall.....with jeans, cords, wool pants, a plain sweater or shirt.

Great Shoes

Good shoes make or break any outfit.  I have always wanted a pair of these - Roger Vivier flats or low heels.  Hopefully in the not so distant future, a pair will be mine, in brown or tan.  These just scream French.  Another trusty pick, the old Belgian Loafer, probably the most comfortable shoe ever made, they last forever and I promise I will be wearing these twenty years from now. I have a new pair to wear very soon!

 Driving mocs are another good pick, these are MB and Tod's also work well.  Comfort comes first, but fashion is a close second. 
 The Gucci Loafer, yes these are also a great choice. Again they don't fade.  You'll notice no heels here.  We don't do heels much between the lifestyle and a bad right foot, we can't go there.
Great Handbag
How many good outfits are destroyed by a bad bag? You can wear cheap pants, a plain cotton Gap shirt and a simple leather belt but not without a good handbag.  A MUST!  Splurge on one basic but very nice handbag.  If you use it every day, think what it costs you per use to own, not that much.  I love Celine, Hermes, Gucci, Tory Burch, and Prada. Handbags are personal, but you need one good one to go with everything or maybe one in black, one brown and then one fun color like this hot pink bag from Celine.

A Great Coat
Since I have a coat fetish, pulling out a coat is a hard choice most days.  But think about it, jeans, plain shirt, plain belt, great bag and shoes, a spectacular coat - a great wardrobe.  Coats are personal too and I have a closet full from J Crew.  Barbour coats are also required here in the country along with an arsenal of quilted ones in varying degrees of warmth and color:  North Face (long), Patagonia (short), Arcteryx (really warm), and some country coats from Horse Country in Warrenton, Virginia. 

More Accessories
Add some additional accessories like an Hermes scarf:

Some classic jewelry, no trends, does not have to be real gold but I love this vintage Tiffany bracelet.

 Also on my my wish list is this belt:

But a good classic leather belt will work.  Also have a collection of needlepoint belts that I wear all of the time.

And a nice pair of leather gloves never hurts your look plus they are warm.  Why not be stylish and warm?

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