Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Fall Favorites

I am loving clothes this fall, more than usual for some reason.  Summer is my favorite season and I have twice as many summer clothes.  But when I buy for winter I wear my clothes for years and years.  Here are some clothes I have had my eye on.......

I just adore this green dress from Alice + Olivia. It's wool and I like long sleeves in winter and it's lined.  It probably would be a few inches longer on me than on the model.

I've been on a search for the perfect booty but have not found it yet.  These I like a lot but have been trying to find them on sale as they are expensive.

See them here.

I've also been contemplating black boots. I don't have black boots other than my riding boots and I am liking these Tory Burch ones but the reviews on them are mixed.  Some say they are too wide and others say too narrow in the legs.....

I'm also loving this Trina Turk dress:

And this Burberry coat:

 I ordered two sweaters from the new J Crew rollout, hoping they fit.  I ordered this in black and light blue. 
 I've also had my eye on some Kate Spade brown boots but I worry about ordering shoes as I am so hard to fit. What's on your wish list for fall fashion?  I'm off to the J Crew Outlet soon to revamp my pants wardrobe for winter.  I'll let you know what I find there! Happy Thursday!


  1. I love the flat booty as I'm trying to find something chic after breaking my foot (cat-related of all things!!) All of my heeled boots are non-starters right now. I like the looks of the the tall boots, but having a background in ballet (something you loathe, I know) and tap-dancing my calves are never going to fit into conventional boots and there also seems to be some genetics involved. My mother has beautiful, elegant legs. Alas, I did not inherit them, I got my father's instead, the sturdy, stump version of a limb. I spoke to a man at Aigle and he suggested a boot that actually worked with my 'problem' calves. I might not be able to ride a horse, but I can do a damn good pirouette!


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