Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Secret Wish List

We all have a secret wish list, don't we?  Things we'd love to own one day, only if...........
When I was a little girl, the Talbots catalog would arrive and I'd thumb through it circling everything I'd love to own, one day: Herman Geist t-shirts in every color.....This was when Talbots and Carroll Reed were the places to shop.  I still have a list and unfortunately, my taste has skyrocketed in price...

1) Elizabeth Locke Anything
I don't covet jewelry like many do but one day I'd love to have a piece made by Elizabeth Locke.  Everything she produces is just divine.  

 2) A Chanel Jacket
I'm hoping I will find one of these one day second hand, maybe in Paris.  This would get worn every week.
 3) This Hermes Scarf
I'm not sure why I love this pattern so much. If I see one, I'll scoop it up for sure.

 4) Monogrammed Napkins from Madison in Dallas
I almost pulled the lever on these last year but not quite, in pink.

 5) County Estate China
Would just love to own a set of this in the beige color.
 6) Roger Vivier Shoes
I don't know if these would fit, but I adore them.  Any color will do.

 7) This Tory Burch Bag
This reminds me of a "ladies who lunch" bag but I love it.  Any color.
What's on your secret wish list? Santa? 


  1. Ann,

    Paris has several good stores where you can get vintage and not so vintage Chanel. I must confess I suffer from sticker shock when I see the prices but don't feel bad for too long because the sizes are "tiny" and smaller. Now I comfort myself a bit more realistically at Tri-County Feeds, but only a "bit"
    Thanks for another fun post.


  2. Well, you have given me some ideas for Santa . I especially covet the Hermes scarf, the jewelry, and the linens. However, any of the above would be fantastic...

    I am enjoy and look forward to your posts. THANK YOU! Pearce


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